We must wake up and really, truly realize that we are the masters of our domain. If we don’t look out for ourselves and each other, we can expect to hear about more cancers, more autism, and more auto-immune diseases. As a doctor, I should be thinking – great, this is perfect for business. I am a primary care doctor with a three month wait to get in. That is unacceptable. So YOU have to help yourself if you want me to help you.

Dr. Daniel Neides, Cleveland Clinic

My opinion: This article could not be more scientifically and politically incorrect. There has only been one study in the history of the vaccine debate that stated vaccinations were correlated with the onset of autism but that study was deemed FALSE. Vaccinating is about more than yourself, don’t be selfish. Vaccinations provide what is known as herd immunity meaning that if everyone is immune a pathogen cannot spread through a population; this is how we helped to eliminate polio. Next time you consider supporting anti-vaccination please consider what happens when you do not vaccinate. Wake up. 

The following quote accurately critiques the blog post of Dr. Neides:

“This is really part of a larger movement that distrusts mainstream medicine, distrusts mainstream public health, and really trades in conspiracy theories,” he told STAT. “This article is a really prime example of that. It’s just a shame that it’s a physician spreading these conspiracy theories because people naturally trust physicians.”



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